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    After 25 years of employment, unemployment and then re-employment, I have developed a shotgun approach to the job search. I am going to mentor, coach, and teach you all I have learned so you can find your next job FAST!
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Perfect Job Description

Thumbs UpCreate a 1 to 2 sentence “perfect job” description, being very specific. For example:

I am looking for a senior financial management position, like CFO or Controller, with a small to mid-sized company in the Atlanta area.

Memorize it!!  You will use this exact description every time that you speak to anyone about your job search.


Job Hunting Tips

Paper Money

There are 2 things that I am sure that you have heard before:

  1.  Looking for a job is a full-time job, and
  2.  You should expect to spend 1 month looking for every $10,000 / year that you are asking for ($50,000 salary will take 5 months to find).

The problem is that most people spend about 6 hours a week looking for a job. Think of how you can shorten that time to find the perfect job by increasing the hours spent each week.